Supporting Harbour, the largest privately-owned dedicated litigation and arbitration funder in the world, through a strategic thought leadership and profile raising campaign

Since its foundation in 2007, Harbour has become a trusted advisor and provider of capital to law firms, corporates and claimiants, supporting clients in progressing high-value commercial disputes all over the world.

However, despite its success, Harbour had limited media engagement, particuarly beyond writers covering the legal sector. The PHA Group were tasked with devising a strategic thought leadership campaign that would communicate Harbour’s business ethos and display the bredth of expertise offered by its leadership team.

The strategy focused on quality over quantity – so PHA focused on a smaller number of impactful pieces that would engage Harbour’s key audiences.

This began with a thought leadership campagin in the business and legal press, focused on educating  stakeholders not aware of the sophistication of the Harbour. The result was sixteen individual and lengthy bylined articles in the likes of World Finance, Euro Money and Accountancy Today.

The PHA Group subsequently initiated a profile raising campaign for the company’s Chief Investment Offer, Ellora MacPherson, which resulted in pieces in The Telegraph, Financial Times and Business Insider.

More recently, extended its outreach for Harbour to include wider company announcements, culminating in an exclusive feature in The Financial Times, and over 20 follow up articles for one story alone in titles including Bloomberg, Reuters, The Telegraph and City AM.

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