Working with influencers and creators to promote a market leading value coach operator

The PHA Social Team was appointed to generate awareness and consideration for megabus’ services during the summer months, when travel intent is high.

The team activated an influencer strategy across TikTok and Instagram, securing and coordinating both paid and gifted partnerships with creators from a range of verticals including comedy, lifestyle, travel and wellbeing, in order to highlight megabus’ broad relatability as a valued coach operator.

Ensuring all creator partners had high engagement rates and relevant audiences was key to the success of this campaign, as was negotiating fees for paid partners, to secure as much content as possible and maximise the client’s budget.

All content incorporated key messaging and showcased the different travel routes and services megabus has on offer across the UK. Partners were given full freedom to create content that they knew would align best with their own content strategies and would resonate with their audiences. This included ‘day in the life’ and travel vlogs, comedy sketches, and weekend getaway ideas.

With a combined potential reach of over 1.2 million, our 30 secured influencer partners included comedy creator George Olney and RuPaul’s Drag Race star, Just May, who each created entertaining and inspiring content that generated over 670,000 impressions, 42k engagements and an average engagement rate of 3.5%.

Following their positive experience, many influencers (both gifted and paid) offered to join megabus on future trips and enquired about long-term partnerships and brand ambassadorships.





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