Global fitness brand, TRX Training, is known for their iconic Suspension Trainer™, used by athletes, celebrities and gym-goers, alike. Their app, TRX Training Club, allows users to access their official trainers through live and on-demand classes.

In September 2021, we were tasked with launching a global TikTok channel for the brand, with the aim of galvanising the fanbase and fitness audience already prominent on the platform and building a presence from a standing start.


Today is International Men’s Day? Say no more 😎 #InternationalMensDay #MensDay #🔥Men #TRX

♬ original sound – TRX

We established an organic, TikTok-first content strategy, not forcing content from other platforms, but instead utilising relevant hashtags, sounds and creators to achieve quick growth and success. We posted content from celebrities and gifted influencers to coincide with seasonal moments, and leveraged music trends that were relevant and on-brand.

We also community-managed every piece of tagged content, alongside DM’ing new followers and encouraging them to continue posting about the brand. No one was too early on in their exercise journey, TRX gave everyone the celebratory support they deserved and in turn, we were able to build an engaged community of brand advocates.

Utilising their roster of experienced trainers, who are content creators in their own right, was also key to success on TikTok and ensured a level of professionalism. Naturally, the channel received many questions, so we’d respond to these through a trainer, which also created a more personal connection to the audience.

Verified, 20,000 followers and 5 TikTok challenges later, we established TRX Training as a market leader on the platform, with hundreds of users tagging them in their own exercise journeys using the product.


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