Promoting thought leadership

Over the past seven years, we have built a trusted and highly visible public image for Reed and its chairman, James Reed. Our goal has been to position James Reed as a leading authority on labour market trends, raise awareness of Reed as the number 1 recruitment firm for businesses and jobseekers, and utilise Reed’s data to provide a real-time view of the sector.

Labour market fluctuations post-pandemic have created a significant opportunity for us to offer industry-leading advice to employers, jobseekers, and workers. Data from has enabled us to predict trends before they go mainstream, forecast recessions ahead of the ONS, and establish James Reed as one of the foremost experts on the UK labour market and economy.

Insights derived from our data have allowed us to develop an exclusive editorial partnership with Bloomberg, resulting in the Reed x Bloomberg Jobs Index. To date, this collaboration has produced 11 monthly online reports on Bloomberg and earned media coverage in The Times, Telegraph, Guardian, BBC Today Programme, and many other prestigious outlets.

Our comprehensive profiling strategy has led to regular broadcast media appearances, data-driven features, bylined contributions, and timely news commentary, consistently delivering extensive national and top-tier trade media coverage for the business.


Pieces of media coverage delivered between 2019-2024


TV and radio hits secured over a five year period


Over 40% of coverage in 12 months was either national or broadcast


We delivered an editorial partnership with Bloomberg to publish a monthly branded jobs report

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