How we challenged misconceptions to drive tangible growth for UK leading nutritionally complete food brand, Huel

When we started working with Huel, there was a clear misconception that they are a meal replacement brand. As an extension of this, many consumers simply did not know why Huel might be for them or had a pre-conception that Huel is only powdered food which might not be to their taste.

In challenging and re-writing the script, education was a fundamental pillar across all our communications.

We focused on articulating Huel as a nutritionally complete food brand, clearly and concisely breaking down USPs to reach new audiences, and combined a hard-working press office function with creative campaign moments to showcase their full product range, driving widespread exposure and positive sentiment.

As part of this education piece, we tapped into our media contacts, focusing on getting product into the hands of key contacts while leveraging a hard-working affiliate function.

In unison, we continually came up with reactive and pro-active pitch angles to capitalise on trends such as Veganuary and rising food prices in ensuring Huel was front of mind among consumers.

This included working with their in-house experts to enforce Huel as thought leaders and pioneers across the food and nutrition space, coverage delivered across a diverse range of top tier titles including the likes of The Times, Evening Standard, GQ, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, VOGUE, Stylist & T3.

For the launch of Huel’s new Pasta Bolognese Hot & Savoury product we also engaged an army of influencers, creating our own twist on a classic Italian menu.

Securing top-tier business profiling interviews for senior figures within the business has also been a focus, to deliver a consistent stream of over 180 pieces of quality exposure across the business, trade, consumer and social media landscape.

Our multi-faceted approach has facilitated a 35% increase in the number of backlinks to the Huel website, Huel now ranking for 18% more keywords on Google and organic traffic to the Huel website up by 22%. The brand also enjoyed 43% annual revenue growth during this time.


pieces of media and influencer exposure


increase in organic traffic to the Huel website


Annual revenue growth

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