Launching a US brand into the UK market

To launch the G3 percussive therapy device by Theragun (now Therabody), we held a media engagement event at WIT Training’s CrossFit gym. A talk from the brand’s Director of International Education was followed by a HIIT exercise class, interspersed with Theragun recovery throughout. A mixture of press and influencer attendees captured their experience of the day on social media.

To improve the brand’s visibility across social more generally speaking, we worked with sector-leading influencers across a plethora of different verticals to tap into their large, engaged audiences and further educate on the science of percussive therapy. Influencers themselves were provided with education to fully get to grips with the technology. Individuals we engaged with for that launch included: Alice Liveing (636k followers), Chris Robshaw (150k followers), and Ryan Libbey (168k followers).

To cope with what is a very technical product, we worked to get Theragun into the hands of our key media contacts. Working closely with the aforementioned Director of International Education, we visited media houses and arranged test devices to allow journalists to get a first-person experience of percussive therapy.

Jumping on the back of the news agenda, we pushed out content at distinct points in the calendar. These events included: Global Running Day, Father’s Day and the London Marathon.

We committed to securing 36 pieces of coverage over an initial three-month period. We went on to secure 51 pieces of coverage in those first three months.

Coverage was secured in leading titles across national, men’s and women’s lifestyle and health & fitness media, such as Daily Telegraph, Metro, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Evening Standard and Harper’s Bazaar.

From hosting two press & influencer events, to coordinating multiple desk visits at different media houses, to influencing a total shift in the brand’s share of voice online, we have become an integral extension of the business. Theragun’s share of voice increased by 35% in the three month launch period.


pieces of coverage in 3 months


press and influencer events


increase in share of voice

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