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West Ham United is a club rich in history. It is known for its deep community ties and a traditional set of loyal supporters that are in many ways unique to English football.

The Hammers’ move to the London Stadium – a world class venue which had earned plaudits as the Olympic Stadium for London 2020 – presented significant challenges as well as great opportunity.

Unfortunately, it also meant that the huge range of positive, game-changing work the club – and indeed the West Ham players – carry out in the community had somehow gone unnoticed.

The main challenge was to come up with an idea which would underline the Club’s connections with the community in East London – and ensure people knew about it.

West Ham United: The Players’ Project

Ohso is an award-winning probiotic chocolate that offers consumers a tasty, tummy-loving, and low-calorie daily treat. Each bar is carefully crafted using high quality dark Belgian chocolate and is microencapsulated with over a billion live cultures (commonly known as probiotics).

We were tasked with implementing a media and influencer engagement campaign that would raise brand awareness, reach out to Ohso’s target consumer groups, and generate positive reviews for the brand.

Ohso Chocolate

Cloud Gateway provides a truly cloud-native hybrid cloud connectivity platform, which securely and rapidly connects everything on a company’s estate with multiple cloud service providers, the PSN, the HSCN, and the internet.

Launched in 2017, the company set out to be the opposite of what it saw in the industry. Where huge contracts, inflexibility and long onboarding processes are often the norm, Cloud Gateway centralises connectivity, providing security, speed, agility, and reduced complexity for its customers.

The company wanted to grow its brand awareness through PR and have a voice in highlighting the problems with existing infrastructure offerings.

During the Coronavirus pandemic in particular, the company also wanted a stronger voice in press conversations regarding flexible working infrastructure and secure cloud adoption in the healthcare sector.

Cloud Gateway

James Dutton, founder of PATCH developed a 100% compostable and allergen free product range after his son suffered a severe skin allergy when using traditional plasters. In his search for hypoallergenic alternatives, James discovered there was a gap in the market for an effective hypoallergenic solution that could also be composted to avoid contributing to plastic waste.

We were tasked with developing and implementing a UK communications strategy for PATCH. Our brief was to raise brand awareness in the UK and reach out to target audiences including the allergy community and environmentally conscious consumers.



Leading online destination for fashion and home style, Kaleidoscope approached our team with a challenging brief.

We were tasked with developing the brand’s online social media presence to create an engaged community, whilst increasing social media referrals to their website and demonstrating ROI from organic social media.

Our campaign spanned four social media platforms and collaborations with 75 influencers.


E-mobility startup Lime enjoys a growing presence across the world but has a limited profile in the UK, where its popular electric scooters are illegal for public road use.

We were tasked with raising awareness about Lime’s UK launch, where the startup brought its Lime e-bikes to London and Milton Keynes to challenge competitors in the shared mobility space.

Lime wanted to improve attitudes towards e-bikes and e-scooters, and increase the number of users of Lime e-bikes in the capital, with a view to challenging legal regulations around e-scooters further down the line.

They were also keen to have a press office function in place to handle journalist enquiries, and our team to handle any crisis communications needed in the event of e-mobility accidents or misuse.


A total of 1.2m vehicles in the UK were affected by Volkswagen’s Dieselgate emissions scandal. In 2018, Chesterfield-based law firm Your Lawyers represented 10,000 of the consumers affected but wanted to attract more claimants to the class-action.

We set about raising awareness of the emissions problem, the deadline to claim, and managed to cut through the noise generated by other firms on the steering committee of the case.

Our campaign for Your Lawyers attracted media and consumer attention, even in the face of the global ad and marketing spend from two competitor firms vying for attention.

Your Lawyers

When Consilience Ventures first started working with The PHA Group, they were beginning a journey to ‘disrupt’ the venture capital (VC) industry. Founded by Kevin Monserrat, former Head of Ecosystem at Microsoft, Consilience Ventures saw a model where few select companies attracted significant private capital and a rise of unprofitable VC backed firms which failed to return cash to investors.

Consilience Ventures had a different idea: They had launched a members-only funding ecosystem designed to offer a data-driven approach for startups, investors and advisors. The risk of investing was pooled by the community and money circulated around the community using a blockchain-based token. Their long-term vision was to have an ecosystem that could support 60 startups, at least 500 investors and over 1,000 experts. They presented a new way of getting start-ups off the ground offering capital, resources, support and expert help from the network while providing investors with a degree of liquidity and shared risk.

Consilience Ventures

We were briefed to drive awareness for Snag to support the brand and Brie Read’s vision of providing tights that fit properly to as many people as possible, regardless of size, height, shape or disability. This included:

• Profiling Brie Read by telling her inspiring personal story through interview placement, expert commentary and thought leadership in both her local Scottish media and national publications.

• Drafting and submitting award entries for the brand to showcase its success and innovative size inclusive approach.

• Supporting product launches and key company news stories through press office activity.


As the Coronavirus pandemic escalated in March 2020 our team set out to support cruise company Fred. Olsen. They faced a series of challenges as a result of the virus. Firstly, some people on board one of their vessels tested positive. Meanwhile, in one of his early press conferences, Prime Minister Boris Johnson advised all over 70s and those with serious underlying health conditions not to take cruising holidays. With journalists still trying to understand more about Coronavirus at the time, PHA helped to correct misunderstandings in the media and helped to avoid the publication of misleading and potentially damaging stories.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines