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Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder supports people through the most difficult times of their lives, whether it’s a terminal illness, a loss of a loved one or a neurological condition. The charity predominantly relays on income from their charity shops and donations from members of the public.

To help raise funds, Sue Ryder opened its first ever pop-up shop in Mayfair which included donated personal items from famous faces including Eddie Redmayne, Kate Moss, Susie Cave, Gillian Anderson, Jean Shrimpton, Sam Smith, Daniel Radcliffe and Iskra Lawrence. The Celebrity donated items were also placed in to a silent auction giving those that couldn’t travel to the shop in London the opportunity to get involved and bid.

The PHA Group were appointed by Sue Ryder to generate coverage and raise awareness for the pop-up and auction.


The non-invasive REVITATM procedure is currently being investigated by Imperial College London as part of a clinical trial (called DOMINO) to investigate whether duodenal mucosal resurfacing (DMR) can increase insulin sensitivity and help women of reproductive age start menstruating.

The ground-breaking procedure does not involve any form of surgery, neither does it require participants to take any form of medication to lower their sugar and no device is left in the patient, so it is minimally invasive, and means recovery time is relatively quick. However, if successful, the results will have a substantial impact on millions of women around the world.

To ensure the success of the trial, Imperial College London actively wanted to raise awareness of the study, increase the number of participants taking part, and highlight how this trial could significantly improve the lives of PCOS patients and reduce the cost of PCOS to the NHS.


HiMirror wanted to disrupt the beauty industry, giving people the opportunity to take control of their own skincare from the comfort of their homes. HiMirror’s talking, connected mirror, lets users analyse their complexion and track the impact of their skincare regime. We were tasked with launching the innovation in the UK, creating as much buzz as possible for the sale of HiMirror in Selfridges and beyond.

We Buy Any Home

We Buy Any Home is the market leader of the cash home-buying sector, offering maximum protection to house-sellers. The company is owned and managed by property professionals with over 30 years’ combined experience in buying homes priding itself on dealing honestly and fairly with its customers.

Despite having focussed solely on advertising (particularly with PPC advertising and TV ads), We Buy Any Home acknowledged that the company’s engagement with consumers could be further improved, and therefore briefed The PHA Group to drive valuable and engaged traffic to the website, positioning We Buy Any Home as thought leaders in the property market, and boost SEO through targeted content production.

The PHA Group were given, and accepted the challenge to significantly raise brand awareness across the UK through a targeted PR campaign and focused content marketing strategy.

Total Warrior

With the obstacle race market being as crowded as it is, the challenge for Total Warrior was to achieve meaningful media cut through against a very strong level of competition.

Since the first Tough Guy event in 1987, the UK has seen an influx of new races getting in on the action. With so many to choose from, the challenge for Total Warrior was how to position itself at the forefront.

In 2018, Total Warrior returned to Leeds and the Lake District, but with no new location to promote we had to think creatively about how we could get the media excited about this year’s events.


When UK blockchain company Qadre came to us, they wanted to elevate their profile and breakthrough into the mainstream media. As a founding member of the global blockchain consortium PL^G (Plug), Qadre tasked PHA to generate coverage around PL^G’s upcoming TGE, while also dispelling many of the myths surrounding blockchain held by the national media. Time was of the essence, and we hit the ground running with a two-week sprint campaign.


Verv came to us with a question. How can we generate brand awareness in the lead up to our crowdfunding campaign and sustain this momentum throughout with a focus on national and tech press coverage? With an offering that combined a state-of-the-art smart home energy device with the power of blockchain to create one of the UK’s first P2P energy trading solutions, we were excited to take on the challenge.


When blockchain start-up APPII came to us with the aim of fundamentally disrupting how candidates and recruiters share and store information, we knew we had an exciting challenge on our hands. One of the most reluctant industries to innovate, recruitment had been stuck in the past for too long, shackled by mistrust, inefficiencies, and high overheads. We knew that landing the dream job was a hot topic for consumers and placing the right candidate in the perfect job the ultimate goal for recruiters. Our launch of the platform saw APPII’s name published repeatedly across the national, recruitment, technology, and business press 45 times in nine months.


Maecenas is an innovative art investment platform designed to give professional investors a cheaper and easier way of entering the market. The company wanted to explain its concept to a wider audience. As the platform was still seeking investment, our primary target audience was the affluent investor who understood the market but needed to be educated about the platform and the blockchain technology behind it.

University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield’s communications team approached us to help them with media training. They wanted a strong trainer who could prepare their senior leaders for corporate interviews, helping them to answer questions about specific items in the news agenda that related to university policy. Our media training experts facilitated bespoke, on-site half-day workshops covering the theory of good media communications, followed by practical mock interviews.