Crisis Management

When you are in the eye of a media storm you need the best in the business to fight your corner. We have unrivalled experience in crisis management and have won awards for our work. Our team of experts are former journalists who know how the media operates and have personal relationships with editors. We will protect you through an immediate crisis management response and a long-term reputation strategy. We work with the best law firms and SEO experts so we can offer you a complete crisis management solution to any problem.

Crisis Management

We are known for our expertise in crisis management. Our team all worked as senior journalists before joining The PHA Group, so our advice is rooted in real-world experience of the media. We will provide you with immediate support and real-time monitoring, whether you are in the midst of a crisis and need help drafting media statements, dealing with media inquiries and engaging with journalists; or are looking for a defensive strategy to protect you from a potential crisis. We can support you in devising and executing a long-term communications strategy to re-build your profile.

However, crisis management does not begin when a crisis has already hit, or end when it has passed. We provide a complete service, protecting your reputation as well as repairing it. We help identify issues before they become a problem. We can provide a crisis handbook for your organization to ensure you are fully prepared, with a plan in place for any eventuality; crisis training to test your readiness in real time; and media training to give you confidence to handle tough interviews.

Our reputation rebuild strategy combines content creation, pro-active media engagement and SEO optimisation to ensure you emerge stronger from the crisis. And we offer a crisis insurance policy, giving you instant access to our crisis management experts for peace of mind.

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