Diversity & Inclusion

Open Conversations

Our society is enriched by its diversity, and the same can be said of our workforce. At PHA, we are committed to building and celebrating a team that reflects the society that we live in, and to nurturing an inclusive, welcoming, supportive working environment for all. We encourage everyone across the business to be aware of how their experiences impact their views and shaped their lives and to be aware, and considerate of, the experiences of others. Central to our approach to D&I is to promote a culture of openness, where every respectful opinion is listened to, and all voices are heard.

Our mission

We are committed to fostering diversity and inclusion at all levels to enable everyone to reach their full potential whilst feeling valued, included, and respected. We are proud of what we have achieved but know there is more we can do to continue to learn and improve in this area., Whilst we work hard on improving our own standards, we are also committed to supporting lasting change to create a more diverse and inclusive industry making contributions to the broader public relations industry, supporting a long-term change that creates a more diverse and inclusive sector. We know this won’t happen overnight But, by making a positive change to our own environment, we can be a part of encouraging long-term, positive industry-wide change

Our people take a central role in developing an approach that ensures actual change. Ultimately, we want employees to feel welcome, safe, and valued. Honest and open conversations that allow employees to share who they are, and their experiences, are important. That’s why we have formed our Open Conversations strategy, led by our dedicated Diversity & Inclusion team to constantly evolve our ways of working and approach.

Our objectives

Positive environment

Grow and foster an environment that actively seeks out, encourages, and embraces different ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds which are both representative and inclusive of the communities we live and work within.

Mindful dialogue

Engage mindfully in open and frequent dialogues to ensure that each employee and client feels valued, included, and respected.

Zero tolerance

Never tolerate any form of unacceptable behaviour, harassment, discrimination, bullying (including cyber bullying) or victimisation in any area of employment or in the provision of our services to our clients because of differences, such as age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, religion or sexual orientation.

Diverse workforce

Focus on building a diverse workforce by attracting, developing, and retaining employees in all areas and at all levels.

Equal opportunities

Promote equal opportunities by striving to identify and eliminate obstacles and systemic barriers so that everyone can reach their full potential.
"At the heart of our mission is to foster diversity and inclusion at all levels to enable everyone to reach their full potential whilst feeling valued, included, and respected."
Shelley Frosdick
Group Managing Director
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