Creating hype for the launch of DASH Lime

DASH Water, the wonky fruit infused sparkling water brand, is passionate about creating deliciously healthy soft drinks that are full of flavour while still providing a natural lift without sugar, fake flavours or calories. Equally important is their mission to fight food waste by accepting fruit misfits that might otherwise go to landfill.  

We were onboarded ahead of DASH’s new flavour, Lime, hitting UK supermarket shelves. Our brief was to support the launch, generate product desirability, and strengthen brand love.

To enhance the launch, DASH created a new social media campaign, ‘DASH into the Limelight’ which brought viral social media stars back to the forefront as part of a quirky video series.  

Seeing the potential in this concept, we worked with DASH and their creative team, to dial up the activity by providing counsel on the visual and audio assets that would interest journalists, ahead of selling these in to the national, consumer and PR & marketing trade media to create widespread talkability. 

But DASH didn’t stop there, their next move was to ‘steal the limelight’ during Prince Harry’s infamous court case by handing out DASH Lime to unsuspecting news crews, with the line ‘Harry doesn’t want the limelight but we do’ written across a large poster board. 

Working as one, we continued to collaborate with DASH’s creative team, to maximise this reactive activity by tapping into our contacts book to share photos of the stunt and generate coverage in key titles read by DASH’s target audience. 

We knew that our strategy would need to reach both consumers and retail audiences, and so in addition to this activity, we also secured an exclusive trade announcement with leading FMCG title, The Grocer, to drive noise about the new product within the industry.  

Knowing that third party advocacy from notable media publications would help to drive product desirability and demand, we also focused on getting cans into the hands of national and consumer media to support in delivering authentic editorial reviews and inclusion in ‘best of’ roundups and listicles. 

The launch campaign was a smash hit, generating headlines for DASH Lime across the national, consumer and trade media, with coverage including LADBible, Women’s Health, Sunday Express and YOU Magazine. Within a month of working together, DASH’s online store sessions had also increased by 60%. 


pieces of earned media coverage for the DASH Lime launch

66.2 million

potential audience reached through earned media coverage


increase in DASH’s online store sessions within a month of working together

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