Generating over 1000 pieces of coverage to position Cignpost as the UK's leading Covid testing company

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a generational challenge to society and businesses – a challenge which would change the face of the UK and the globe, forever.

Post-lockdown, it was evident that living with the virus relied heavily on expert PCR and lateral flow testing, whether to keep employees safe and well, or to travel once again to see loved ones or go on holiday.

Leading UK Covid testing company Cignpost Diagnostics turned to us for help with positioning in the UK media. Our team was tasked with finding a platform for Cignpost’s deep expertise around the ongoing debate of how best to emerge from lockdown, outlining how companies could return to the office safely with care for their employees.

Working also with its consumer brand, ExpressTest, we underlined its credentials as a key, trusted COVID-19 testing provider to major professional sports, household entertainment and TV shows, as well as corporates in the B2B market.

Our response was to set up a hard-working, proactive press office which was on hand to strategically respond to what was an unrelenting wave of COVID-19 news, particularly round new variants of the virus. We also generated coverage for Cignpost’s creative “Team. Not Teams” back-to-the-office advertising campaigns.

We targeted publications and broadcasters with insightful, punchy commentary, as well as briefings for key journalists working to understand the virus and expertly written long-form articles to show the depth of knowledge at Cignpost. The team also organised a string of key broadcast opportunities for Cignpost’s lead immunologist and co-founder, Professor Denis Kinane, positioning him as an authority on the subject on SKY News, BBC, ITV and TalkTV.

In a crowded, busy media landscape, the results were incredibly impactful, with more than 1,000 pieces of coverage achieved by the our team over the course of the campaign and Cignpost’s Share of Voice in the market rising by 20%.


pieces of media coverage delivered in 18 months


in national media including broadcast appearances


inbound media inquiries from our profiling campaign in the same period

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