Raising brand awareness

Freetrain’s signature vests were originally designed mainly with runners in mind, to offer a better solution for storing a phone and other personal belongings when going out for a run. Users quickly discovered the product’s benefits reached far beyond just running, however, improving the experience for all sorts of different exercise and sporting activities.

Despite being a relatively young business, Freetrain has seen impressive growth in a short amount of time. Having not publicly told the business story prior to PHA coming on board, we set up interviews across national business and regional titles to provide the platform for Freetrain’s co-founders to discuss the successes of the business to date and the plans for future growth.

In order to drive mass exposure to the solution that Freetrain provides, we engaged influencers from across the running, health & fitness, and sports sectors. These individuals helped to communicate why Freetrain is the most convenient way to carry your personal belongings when you’re going for a run, exercising or playing sport.

To ensure Freetrain is front of mind when it comes to consumer purchase, securing inclusion for Freetrain in key product placement slots across national and consumer lifestyle titles has been an essential part of our PR strategy. Messaging has evolved throughout the campaign to go from targeting mainly casual runners to a more mass-market audience.


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