Having worked with the Royal Parks Half Marathon for the past four years, one of the biggest challenges we’ve faced is creating new talking points that journalists can write about.

The market is also crowded, with the number of UK and more specifically, London based running events continuing to grow. The challenge, therefore, is to find new and exciting ways to continue to communicate what sets the Royal Parks Half Marathon apart from the rest so that people want to sign up year after year.

The Royal Parks Half Marathon really is leading the way in terms of mass participation events becoming more sustainable and so, off the back of the half’s green credentials, we launched the #greenrunners campaign in 2018.

This gave us a number of different touch points throughout the year, each giving us something new to talk about with media.


National journalists to participate in the race each year
Pieces of coverage. Increasing our coverage secured year on year
Successfully launched our campaign to highlight the green credentials of the Royal Parks Half Marathon