Establishing an Australian brand as the UK market leader

Infrared sauna blankets are a relatively new concept to the UK market, and Australian wellness brand MiHIGH is pioneering the evolution of the space. The MiHIGH team came to us with a challenge, increase the visibility of MiHIGH’s blankets and their health, fitness, and wellbeing benefits in the UK through media and influencer engagement.

Education and knowledge would be key to this media relations focused campaign, and so we immersed ourselves in MiHIGH’s innovation from the off – from an enhanced calorie burn to impressive detoxifying qualities and calming the body and mind – we worked closely with the MiHIGH team to curate educational press materials that would allow us to effectively communicate the science-backed benefits of their blankets through an always-on press office.

As an extension of MiHIGH’s business, we worked closely with journalists and influencers across our network to educate them in delivering in-depth first-person review articles and bespoke content, activating the product across key product placement slots in the mainstream media, as well as working with relevant influencers from across the fitness and wellbeing space with a targeted gifting strategy.

Through a proactive press office, we also tapped into key sales windows – from Black Friday to Christmas and the wellness and fitness buzz that comes with January – to ensure MiHIGH were consistently part of the conversation around accessible, yet innovative at-home wellbeing.

Our campaign has helped build brand awareness, credibility, and desirability to establish MiHIGH as the UK market leader, and as a must-have at-home wellness product.

In launching MiHIGH to the UK market, we delivered over 50 pieces of media coverage with leading titles across national, men’s/women’s lifestyle, and health & wellness media to provide over 500 million potential opportunities to see the MiHIGH brand, and have secured content with influencers with a collective following in excess of two million. Media coverage has included titles such as Mail Online, Men’s Health, VOGUE, Evening Standard, The Times, Daily Telegraph, GQ Online, Daily Express & Daily Mirror.

Since activating our campaign, MiHIGH has twice sold out in the UK, which is now established as their strongest performing market globally.

“Working with PHA has been one of the best decisions we've made for our fast growth in the UK. They have provided consistent coverage week after week and PR is now an extremely profitable channel for our company. We look forward to a long relationship with PHA as we continue to grow MiHIGH.”
Ed Hodge
Co-Founder, MiHIGH
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