Increasing organic visability for key search terms

Australian swim brand Zoggs were keen to increase their organic visibility for search terms such as ‘goggles’ as well as strengthen their direct-to-consumer online proposition.

Following an initial audit of their marketing funnel, we determined a blended approach incorporating organic search and content alongside paid media to kick-start their goal for position number 1. By listening carefully to their goals, we built a tailored plan to increase the brand’s visibility online and win the top position.

To begin our organic search team audited Zogg’s website and provided a gap analysis to identify the most valuable keywords that their competitors were ranking highly for. These keywords could then be blended into the on-page content which helped increase the visibility.

During this research, we uncovered a huge opportunity to implement on and off-page optimisation to the ‘Swimshapes’ category. This was a specific landing page for plus-size swimwear, which was experiencing an increase in search intent at the time

Consequently, our team then supported the organic search with a link-building campaign. The outreach strategy included gaining mentions in popular blogs targeting families alongside online sports publications with links back to the site. The objective was to achieve placements in publications that yielded significant value to the Zoggs’ strategy. In addition, the team also secured features in print publications with much larger readerships and strong domain authority both online. One such publication was which had at the time around 490,000 unique browsers each month. This in turn helped improve the domain authority of

Finally, Zoggs won a feature in The Sunday Times hotlist, highlighting their range of swimsuits for women. The feature got exposure to the publication’s 2.3 million readers and helped them reach the top position for the search term ‘goggles’, increasing their visibility in SERPs.

To support the organic search, we also set up and managed Google AdWords and shopping accounts for the brand. The increased visibility on the search engine helped increase direct traffic to the Zoggs site. This also added a significant increase in revenue, helping support their overall growth.

During the year, we were able to achieve the Zoggs google position for ‘goggles’ as per their original objectives. We also saw an increase in organic traffic by over 200% to the ‘Swimshapes’ page we identified in the research with an increase of 114% in revenue against the previous year.


Search position for ‘Goggles’


Increase in traffic YOY to ‘Swimshapes’ page


Increase in revenue YOY for the ‘Swimshapes’ range

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