Consumer Media Relations

Journalism is in our DNA. We operate with a genuine newsroom mentality to build outstanding media relationships. With excellent contacts across the media spectrum from reporters to editors, we use these relationships as the foundation of running impactful and successful press office activity for all our clients.

Consumer Media Relations

Through our newsroom roots, we have an acute understanding of what journalists are looking for and apply this to all our media pitches, and when building client strategy to ensure we can deliver exceptional earned coverage. This journalist-led approach extends across all aspects of our PR work, but with a few key tactics including:

Digital PR

Utilising our strong media relationships to deliver stand-out digital PR campaigns for our clients is an important part of our work.

The role of digital PR has evolved in recent years and is now a far cry away from the irrelevant mass link building of old.

Generating impactful, online stories which build brand awareness, trust, and ultimately drive more traffic to site is the basis of any good digital PR campaign. Through outstanding media relations skills, our consumer PR account teams have an in-depth knowledge of what stories online journalists, at the digital publications which will have the biggest impact, are going to cover and use this intel to create impactful digital PR strategies.

Thought leadership

Leveraging our media network to build our clients as credible thought leaders to a  consumer audience is another key tactic we employ across our PR campaigns.

Producing high calibre thought leadership articles built on punchy opinion, research and data – which we know will strike a chord with the media – is central to this press office tactic. And being able to pick up the phone to close contact, sense check ideas with them over lunch, or get them involved in the process from the get-go is an incredibly valuable part of this process and a unique part of the approach we take to thought leadership.

Affiliate PR

Over the past three years, media houses have continued to grow their e-commerce teams and in many cases, these teams are now driving the biggest revenue streams through online media articles.

Online media platforms will regularly feature brands that they know resonate with their audience as consumers will in many cases click through from the article,  purchase a product, and through the media houses affiliate scheme they then receive a commercial benefit.

Brands should see an affiliate programme as an additional asset that can ensure they are front of mind when journalists or e-commerce writers are covering a specific topic. We know that E-commerce writers will be more attracted to brands that provide them with a commission of 10% – 15%.

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