Rebuilding Lipsy’s Google shopping account helped drive over 1000% increase in revenue within 2 years

Leading young London fashion brand, Lipsy, wanted to grow their direct sales with a direct-to-consumer marketing strategy. We knew to achieve this they needed a tailored mix of our paid media, organic search and content services to help drive much more traffic to Lipsy’s online store.

We put together our paid media, organic search and content teams to build a complete marketing strategy for increasing sales through Lipsy’s own site. In a saturated online marketplace, Lipsy needed their stylish dresses to appear in searches and drive shoppers to their Lipsy website to complete their purchase.

We took over Lipsy’s AdWords account, separating out campaigns and targeting specific clothes category searches. We went granular with keyword lists, match types, ads and landing pages, with one goal in mind – to improve Lipsy’s search relevancy.

We then introduced Google Shopping to the mix, the perfect pairing to Lipsy’s product and website business model, helping them appear in Google’s above-the-fold window display.

Facebook and Instagram were added as another direct marketing channel to re-capture lost leads, becoming a huge source of revenue for Lipsy.

Our next strategy was to remove outdated category pages and re-categorise clothing lines to better match smaller volume, specifically targeted searches. We then created up-to-date categories for new products and our content team produced helpful category copy.

An insight into seasonal search behaviour peaking ahead of launch dates meant seasonal categories were launched a month before search terms rose showcasing seasonal product trends and all written in the new Lipsy tone of voice to speak to their target consumers.

Lipsy’s new Google Shopping direct sales channel also saw massive growth with a 738% increase in revenue YoY.

Not only that, but mobile CPCs were brought down from £0.25 to just £0.01 for Lipsy’s brand terms and top positions were maintained despite ongoing competition from resellers.

Our work with Lipsy was even recognised in the UK Biddable Media Awards.


increase in shopping revenue


return on Ad Spend


average assisted to direct ratio

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