When Consilience Ventures first started working with The PHA Group, they were beginning a journey to ‘disrupt’ the venture capital (VC) industry. Founded by Kevin Monserrat, former Head of Ecosystem at Microsoft, Consilience Ventures saw a model where few select companies attracted significant private capital and a rise of unprofitable VC backed firms which failed to return cash to investors.

Consilience Ventures had a different idea: They had launched a members-only funding ecosystem designed to offer a data-driven approach for startups, investors and advisors. The risk of investing was pooled by the community and money circulated around the community using a blockchain-based token. Their long-term vision was to have an ecosystem that could support 60 startups, at least 500 investors and over 1,000 experts. They presented a new way of getting start-ups off the ground offering capital, resources, support and expert help from the network while providing investors with a degree of liquidity and shared risk.


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