Media training

Having the confidence to take on media interviews is essential for the leader of any organisation, whether you are looking to grow your profile, or are facing a crisis. Our media training gives you the tools to meet your objectives and navigate the media.

Media training

We deliver tailored media training sessions to meet your objectives, whether you are a beginner, or have media experience but are looking to sharpen your skills. The sessions are relevant to the type of media appearances you might face and provide a safe environment where you will be put through your paces.

Our half-day courses are delivered by experienced former journalists in a studio setting for added authenticity. We provide one-to-one training for business leaders and designated spokespeople. We also conduct sessions for up to four participants from an organisation with the opportunity to learn collaboratively.

Key features

Learning the rules of engagement for media interviews

Understanding different interview formats

Mastering body language and speed of delivery

Communicating key messages effectively

Learning techniques to deal with difficult questions

What is covered in a media training session?

We teach you how journalists like to operate; what they expect from you; how to cut through with your messages; and how to navigate the key challenges.

We also offer follow-up sessions, delivered remotely or in-person, to participants who have completed the initial training and want to practice for a specific media appearance.

In addition to our half-day sessions, we can also deliver shorter, two-hour training sessions over Zoom, or sessions at your offices.

If your organisation is facing a crisis and you need to prepare a spokesperson for a media interview or a round of interviews, we can put on a session where your messages will be rigorously tested and honed by an ex-journalist.

Our media training is led by the Director of Reputation at PHA, Tim Jotischky, who has 25 years of experience across national newspapers in roles including Business Editor of The Telegraph; Editor of Metro; Executive News Editor, and Foreign Editor of the Daily Mail and Editor of The Scottish Daily Mail.

Tim has trained business leaders; media and marketing teams; Premier League footballers; universities; membership bodies; and third sector organisations.


“My colleagues found the training very valuable and I think using the studio space really bought it to life. I am impressed that you managed to do sessions back to back without losing your energy and enthusiasm. What was great was that you came to some of the interviews with an angle I wouldn’t have thought of because I am too close to the content.”
Hannah Millard
Director of Communications
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