Litigation PR

We work closely with leading international law firms and their clients during periods of litigation. We provide our clients with a wide range of PR and litigation support services to help them achieve their strategic objectives.

Litigation PR

Whilst legal issues are often best dealt with in private, many become public knowledge and attract media attention. In those circumstances we help our clients navigate the media landscape and influence the unfolding narrative.

Often, winning the battle in the court of public opinion can become as important as winning it in the law courts. And, just as often, the battle does not begin in a court of law. The narrative can be formed long before the case reaches the courtroom, from the moment the papers are lodged, or even before then.

Whether you are looking to shape the narrative, or find yourself on the back foot because the other side is doing so, you need a communications strategy that complements your legal strategy.

Our litigation PR specialists have worked on high-profile cases, protecting our clients’ reputations and advising on the right media strategy. We have conducted targeted media campaigns in a variety of complex multi-jurisdictional commercial litigations, including disputes involving high-profile individuals and international corporates.

Litigation can be a stressful experience and we work as trusted advisors to help navigate the process to achieve a successful outcome for our clients.

Examples of our work have included:

Formulating a media strategy and providing media training for a high-profile athlete facing disciplinary proceedings by a governing body.

Handling media relations for a business run by a high-profile political figure, which was taken to an employment tribunal, and correcting inaccurate media stories.

Advising a high-profile businessman on long-running litigation against an adversary who defamed him and formulating a pro-active media relations and thought leadership strategy.

Supporting a prominent fashion designer whose business went into administration and was the victim of a concerted media campaign to damage her name.

Drafting statements for a businessman who took on the founder of a publicly listed company in court and wanted to ensure his side of the story was fairly represented in media reports of the case.
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