Establishing a gifting only Influencer strategy for fashion brand Kaleidoscope that targeted an over 40, affluent female audience

Kaleidoscope is an online fashion retailer marketed to older, affluent women. We have successfully run three consecutive seasonal influencer campaigns to increase brand awareness, building relationships with over 120 influencers in total.

We collaborated with 30 micro-influencers for our first Autumn-Winter collection campaign on a gifting, no-fee basis. The influencers had a range of followings from 2.5k-27k and all reflected Kaleidoscope’s target consumer.

We negotiated with each influencer to post a minimum of two stories and two grid posts on instagram, however, due to the strong relationships we built with these influencers, most went above and beyond, posting several times. From influencers’ IG stories alone, the campaign generated over 300 clicks to Kaleidoscope’s Instagram profile and a large majority of influencer’s grid posts achieved over a 3% engagement rate.

The high-quality imagery produced created the opportunity to reshare the content onto Kaleidoscope’s own channels. Many of these influencers have also attended Kaleidoscope’s press events, helping the brand to gain further exposure from these collaborations.


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clicks to Kaleidoscope website from influencer stories


successful influencer collaborations

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