Launching a webinar series for decontamination experts Inivos to ensure engagement with clients and customers during lockdown

As the UK’s leading provider of decontamination technology, Inivos regularly works with more than a third of NHS Trusts on their infection prevention and control needs.

Yet, as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it became critical to reach the other two-thirds of NHS hospitals and convince them of the value of hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet-C decontamination to limit the spread of infection. Moreover, the pandemic created a number of new markets in urgent need of infection control support.

To reach this niche target audience during a global pandemic, PHA launched a bespoke webinar series that enabled Inivos senior figures to continue engaging their customers and reach a wider target audience. Each webinar focused on an actionable, results-driven strategy in a new healthcare space and was co-hosted by an industry expert who has successfully implemented a decontamination programme, alongside an Inivos senior figure.

To reach audiences and to ensure consistent attendance, each webinar was accompanied by a bespoke social media organic and paid strategy on Twitter and LinkedIn. Whilst our organic content was effective in encouraging existing customers to attend the webinar, our paid campaigns were primarily used to firstly engage new audiences before encouraging them to click-through and register.

We enforced a strict registration process to ensure that, following each webinar, we were able to export full lists of potential customers which were supplied to the sales team for new business outreach.


attendees from across the UK, Europe and Australia


impressions from an NHS professional audience

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