Launching a cleaning product during the Coronavirus pandemic

The Hycolin home care range is a range of powerful disinfectants manufactured by the global hygiene company, Mirius. The product not only cleans surfaces, but also reduces the risk of cross-contamination of germs and viruses, including coronaviruses, and is available for consumers to buy in Savers, Lidl, Homebase, and Iceland.

We were tasked with launching the Hycolin brand on social media, introducing them to a consumer audience interested in cleaning and keeping safe and protected.

Our content strategy across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram included educational content, retailer awareness, competitions, brand partnerships, and user-generated content.

In addition, we also managed a successful gifted influencer strategy with clean-fluencers and parenting influencers that has helped to spread the word online about Hycolin, and create aspirational content for the newly launched social feeds.

Alongside a consistent organic strategy, we also managed an effective paid strategy to build and grow their community, reach and engage new audiences and drive traffic to the Hycolin and Savers website.


Increased the social media following in 10 months

2 million

Served over 2 million post impressions


Driven over 3,800 targeted clicks to both the Hycolin and Savers websites from social media


pieces of influencer coverage, with a combined following of 2.3 million

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