An always-on social content strategy and influencer campaign to raise awareness of Canagan’s organic pet food #FuelledByCanagan

By creating an engaging campaign hashtag for customers to use, #FuelledByCanagan, we grew a large organic following across the Canagan Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels, who would frequently promote the brand on their own channels.

This provided us with invaluable user generated content, as well as allowing us to build a solid community of fans who could rely on the social channels to provide information, deal with queries and share uplifting, captivating content. This was supported by an engaging content strategy of bespoke GIFs and imagery, showcasing new product announcements, customer testimonials and competitions.

Alongside this activity, we implemented a number of successful influencer and micro-influencer campaigns. By gifting celebrities and influencers that we knew had a passionate connection with their pets, we achieved an outstanding number of results without paying any influencer fees, including social coverage from Greg Rutherford (150k followers) Kady McDermott (1.2m followers) and featuring in Lydia Elise Millen’s YouTube video, which raked in over 2 million views!


Increased Canagan’s social media followers by 12,000


views on YouTube


reach through influencer collaborations

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