Measurement & Analytics

We have always been focussed on delivering tangible business impact. While we share our clients’ beliefs and aspirations, we’re not afraid to challenge them to do better. Because results matter. That’s why we’ve created a reporting methodology, which not only allows us to showcase results, but also helps us to identify areas where additional gains could be made.

Bespoke measurement solution showcasing impact

Introducing PULSE, a smart bespoke data-driven approach to reporting unique to us and our clients – spanning PR, social media, digital and reputation – and measures campaigns against three core pillars of impact.

Brand equity

A strong brand equity is crucial, and it’s our job to help you strengthen it. We measure the impact our activity has on brand equity through various metrics including pure brand search, brand awareness tracking, media coverage, share of voice and sentiment.

Digital traction

Whether it’s search, social or maintaining digital traction is vital to boost discoverability and authority. Our experts design holistic digital strategies that accelerate your online presence and growth, measured through a range of metrics, including share of search, website engagement and social share.

Commercial delivery

Designed to focus on revenue growth. We craft considered integrated strategies across multiple channels to deliver strong return on investment. Focused on improving your CPC and measured by direct sales conversions or lead generation that has a true impact on your bottom line.

At The PHA Group, we are ‘in it’ with our clients for the long term, building results and impact on the cornerstone of open communication – and PULSE has been designed with that in mind.

Developed by a team of experts, our measurement tool provides clear and concise integrated reports which; demonstrate the positive impact our work has delivered for your business, assess where tactical developments could be made, and share recommendations on how to take our impact to the next level. Because results matter.

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