Helping to support World of Wallpaper in maximising online revenue through an open budget and profit-focused approach.

As the public was plunged into lockdown in March 2020 , many people decided to try and use the time as productively as possible by taking on projects around the house. To try to meet the demands of customers and maximise revenue growth during this period, our PPC team employed new tactics which complemented the long-term SEO strategy which had been carried out over several years.

With renovations becoming commonplace during a condensed period, we worked to grow online sales and maximise revenue within a 6.0 ROAS target. This was bolstered by organic SEO strategy which focused on increasing visibility, traffic, and organic transactions.

From the early stages of our strategy to the post-lockdown period of surging sales through PPC, our approach took a variety of different forms including an open budget and profit focused approach.

We focused on a user-driven site architecture combined with informative, keyword-rich on-page content to ensure targeted organic traffic was directed to the website through Google. Combined with extensive market research and competitor analysis, this approach led to increased visibility across key search terms, with the website acquiring top positions in high volume searches.

All of this meant that when the pandemic hit, the World of Wallpaper domain had a solid foundation so that the PPC team were able to drive traffic at a time of need for the consumer, which was far more likely to convert.

In a time where market trends were so uncertain, we worked with the client to establish efficiency metrics for the paid media to pivot around. By establishing a 6.0 ROAS target, we were able to be proactive and make decisions without using the client’s time, which needed to be spent ensuring they could manage logistical issues.

We also worked with the client to establish a profit focus, by exploring the effect of margin and the relationship between rolls per order. Some products with a low Average Order Value (AOV) but a high number of rolls actually proved more profitable due to logistical savings, as the company operated with smaller warehouse teams through lockdown.

The effect of these services running concurrently has produced long and short-term results and in a volatile market, increased revenue through this phase has influenced business security and progression with PPC revenue up by 165%, maintaining 6.0 ROAS target


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