Securing over 20% year on year growth for luxury online retailer La Perla

Luxury lingerie and lifestyle brand La Perla approached The PHA Group with a target of 20% YOY growth in online revenue. Achieving this objective would secure an investment that could be leveraged for future growth.

In addition, they aspired to grow their existing customer base and expand beyond what they considered a typical customer. As La Perla already had paid search campaigns running, we were able, to begin with, a thorough analysis of their Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts to identify opportunities for growth.

This analysis allowed us to create a current state of play in terms of the buying habits of La Perla’s customers, as well as a roadmap to funnel through new, aspirational customers and how to introduce them to the La Perla brand.

From this, we identified a gap in mid-funnel generic terms. This allowed us to better target people at the beginning of their buying journey, as well as increase the specific intention of increasing brand traffic despite the potential for delayed conversion. Through the creation of audiences on Google Analytics and Google Ads, we segmented customers based on their stage of the funnel (e.g. basket abandoners, returning users), their interests (through affinity and in-market audience segments), and which sections of the website they were browsing on, with specific subcategories aligned to La Perla’s main product ranges of lingerie, nightwear, and swimwear.

In addition, we used Google Shopping to fulfill a similar role. By using our negative sculpting approach to segment Brand and Generic search terms, we were able to make significant gains alongside significant feed optimisation for better product merchandising and refining the products shown on Shopping for La Perla branded searches. This consequently allowed us to drive higher ROAS traffic overall, unlocking future budgets for brand awareness campaigns.

Within 12 months, we had comfortably surpassed the +20% revenue target, instead of showing an increase of 83%, coupled with a 180% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS). Due to our hyper-focused audience targeting approach and Shopping feed improvements, we were able to achieve this and still save 31% in media spend, by reducing CPC on Google Shopping, and only targeting the top of funnel generic terms when users were in the past consumer demographics or in the new target market La Perla were seeking to expand into.


increase in YOY revenue


increased ROAS


decreased Ad spend

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