Spreading awareness of the importance of checking moles and aiding public understanding about when a mole could be a cause for concern

When The Cadogan Clinic asked us to launch their dedicated mole check service – designed to scan, assess and treat problem moles all in one day – we knew this was a campaign that needed to have education at its heart.

We devised a PR campaign, with two key elements: the first educating the media on the importance of checking moles thoroughly and regularly through a launch event, and the second reaching directly out to consumers with a series of tried and tested media reviews and informative features.

Using our extensive consumer media contacts, we built  interest with key journalists on the importance of mole mapping, placing expert commentary from the doctors at The Cadogan Clinic in national press with a focus on the ABCDE formula for mole-checking, patented by the clinic. An event targeting media who would connect with our target demographic – families, those with sensitive skin and sun worshippers – created a media moment to showcase the clinic and its new service and place positive case studies in the media.

Over three short months The Cadogan Clinic’s mole checking service was cited in multiple articles relating to mole health and skin cancer, they became one of the ‘go-to’ establishments for skin screening and an authority on the subject of swift preventative treatment

Five trial and review opportunities were secured with leading health and consumer journalists from publications including the Daily Mail, Daily Express, and Refinery 29. Over 30 dedicated media articles generated as a result of the project and a significant increase in traffic to the mole check website was seen during our peak campaign activity.

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