Wikipedia page creation

Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world, with over 13.5 billion hits per month, on average, worldwide. It’s also amongst the top 10 visited websites in the UK, which makes it a key consideration of your digital marketing strategy. A Wikipedia profile for your company or a personal page for key leaders can be invaluable when building an online presence, and The PHA Group is here to help establish this.

Digital marketing strategy for Wikipedia

Along with the high volume of traffic comes brand recognition. If a user was to Google your name or business, a Wikipedia page will appear in the top positions of the SERPs. By including Wikipedia in your digital marketing strategy, you’ll be able to better control the narrative of what’s included on the profile, ensuring the most up-to-date information is included.

Other benefits to creating a company or personal page on Wikipedia include:

Thought leadership: Being an authority on a topic of subject matter is key for SEO. Google rewards industry leaders with higher rankings, so positioning yourself as a leader on various platforms can work in your favour. Optimising your profile and including relevant references from credible publications can help to position you as a topic expert.

Increased visibility: A Wikipedia page can help increase your visibility online. When users search for your name or brand and see a Wikipedia page in the top positions, they may be more likely to visit the page to find out more about your history. Google is also more likely to use Wikipedia to populate knowledge graphs and featured snippets, for faster results.

Establish credibility: A complete and well-optimised Wikipedia page can work to establish your credibility online. By having an in-depth Wikipedia page with a range of references from mainstream media and publications, readers will be more likely to trust you as an authority in your niche.

Drive traffic to your website: Increased visibility can naturally help drive traffic to your website, as more users are aware of your brand and, Many Wikipedia pages include a link to the main website, which can help drive traffic to your website. While Wikipedia links are ‘nofollow’, so they don’t pass on any link equity, this still offers excellent indirect SEO benefits. This is due to the increase in brand awareness and credibility, which can then lead to more organic backlinks from other, external websites.

Wikipedia page maintenance

Once we’ve created your Wikipedia page, or if you already have an established page, we’ll work with you to keep it updated and refreshed. This ensures that the latest information is being shared online, keeping your profile fresh, accurate, and reliable. Even if something goes wrong after publication, we’ll keep on top of it and work to ensure your page goes live and stays live.

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