Crisis communication planning

A crisis communication plan is a critical element of any reputation management strategy. If you or your business are only responding to a reputational crisis when it has happened, it is already too late. Crisis communication planning helps ensure your organisation is prepared for the unexpected and enables you to act swiftly and decisively when issues arise.

Crisis communication plan

A crisis communication plan will ensure that potential issues or crises are identified as early as possible; escalated to the appropriate individuals; and communicated clearly to stakeholders inside and outside the organisation.

We have produced crisis management plans for individuals and organisations across a wide range of sectors, including private businesses; global membership bodies; and charities with complex challenges.

Some of these organisations operated across multiple territories and needed a single plan for the business; others needed a plan that could be easily understood both by employees and external stakeholders.

Some had no plan in place and wanted us to create one from scratch; others wanted us to review and update plans that were out of date or inadequate.

Key features:

  • Assessment of all potential reputation and crisis issues facing you or your business, graded by severity.
  • A structured approach to dealing with any reputational issues that could generate negative coverage in print, online or social media.
  • A co-ordinated approach to collecting and channelling information internally and externally.
  • A clearly identified crisis response team, with guidelines on who will respond to media and other key stakeholders.
  • Responses to likely scenarios that could play out in the media and on social media.
  • Guidelines for posting on social media channels in a crisis.

We normally divide the project into four phases:

Reputation management audit

This covers issues affecting your sector, as well as you or your organisation specifically

Information gathering

We hold meetings and workshops with your senior leadership team to discuss perceived risks and to understand roles and responsibilities

Drafting the crisis management plan

We set out a risk escalation process and provide a comprehensive crisis response plan

Review period

We share a first draft of the crisis plan and work together to agree a final version of the document
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