Cybersecurity PR demands industry expertise and agile thinking. Led by experienced communications consultants, PHA has created a cybersecurity PR proposition that is relevant to the evolving needs of a market with immense growth potential. We believe in partnerships, looking beyond just media coverage to deliver real value and impact.

Using cybersecurity expertise to deliver communication strategies

Trust is paramount in the cyber security industry, as companies must convince clients to entrust their sensitive data and systems to their solutions. Effective cybersecurity PR plays a crucial role in shaping a  company’s reputation, building trust with customers and stakeholders, and establishing credibility in the market.

Our cybersecurity PR network

As a PR team, we stay on top of the latest trends to ensure our cybersecurity clients are always in the spotlight. With media interest in cyber security on the rise, we work closely with top tier journalists to provide insights from thought leaders on current and future threats. Our media network ranges from the leading top security and cyber publications through to cybersecurity commentators in national and international media.

Additionally, our high-level relationships enable clients to provide guidance to B2B trade titles and national media on the practices companies need to adopt to effectively prevent and counter a cyber attack. Our proactive approach ensures our clients are always ahead of the game.

Cybersecurity PR experience

Our team of cybersecurity PR consultants have experience working closely with IT and cyber security companies in the US, UK and Europe. From traditional press office activities to brand positioning, strategic counsel, media monitoring, events, awards and market-research, we deliver cybersecurity PR strategies with the aim of supporting our client’s long-term growth. 

Alongside our proactive reputation building, we have a team of specialist Crisis Management experts for companies seeking to maintain trust in the wake of a cyber attack.




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