How firms can develop a bulletproof social media strategy

The goalposts have shifted significantly for businesses in the last twelve months. For most, plans for growing and expanding have had to be put on ice whilst once-thriving firms in sectors such as aviation, travel and hospitality have had to battle just to survive.

So, what can businesses do to make sure they maximise their brand awareness during this competitive period and keep customers retained and engaged?

One solution is putting together a social media strategy to help champion the business and reach key audiences.

We highlight three key areas that businesses could look to implement in their strategic communications strategy.


As one of the biggest workplace transitions took place at the beginning of this year, the use of webinars skyrocketed. Data released by Redback Connect, a digital event and video communications provider revealed that a 71% spike in webinars, event live streams and video conferencing took place whilst businesses looked to both attract and retain customers.

One example of this is when the UK’s leading provider of decontamination technology, Inivos came to us during the height of the pandemic needing to reach a specific audience and convince them of the value of their product, and its ability to limit the spread of infection.

Our social media team set to work launching a bespoke webinar series that enabled senior figures from Inivos to continue engaging customers, whilst also reaching a wider target audience. The webinars were positioned to be actionable, results-driven, and were co-hosted by an industry expert.

Social listening

It probably comes as no surprise that social media platforms experienced a major uplift and with it an urgency for brands to maintain a share of voice on social media platforms.

Social listening tools such as the one which we use here at The PHA Group, provide valuable insight to firms on how they could increase their share in the market, and monitor the sentiment of their business in comparison to their competitors.

Wouldn’t you like to know where you stand in the market?

Specific platform targeting

Whilst Instagram and Facebook are brilliant for generating followers and driving engagement for your brand or product. LinkedIn can be just as successful if used correctly for raising the profile of key stakeholders and figures in your business, especially for a B2B audience.

We worked with leading global wine investment firm, Cult Wines to do just this. With offices in the Far-East and New York, the London based business wanted to target high-net-worth individuals from around the world, introduce them to Cult Wines with the hope that they would support the company’s new business objectives.

By implementing a successful thought leadership programme which included regular long-form articles, alongside a robust organic plan, we delivered some outstanding results including over 2,000 website clicks from social media content.

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