Raising brand awareness and product positioning within the wellness sector

When Sensate came to PHA, they were receiving inbound media enquiries but wanted to build on their presence in the UK.

Sensate’s infrasonic device is very simple to use, but the science is rooted in physiological/psychological pathways, so the immediate focus in our comms was to break these down in layman’s terms, educating consumers and editors around how the technology works and how it can improve their wellbeing.

Having identified core benefits of the product – from improved sleep, to enhanced resilience against stress, anxiety reduction and generally improved mental wellbeing, we focused on delivering first-person reviews and targeted placements for the product with top-tier media across the consumer media landscape. This has included national media, lifestyle media and tech media as core verticals.

With Sensate’s inventor having meditated for 45 years and with 30 years’ experience in the medical industry, we also tapped into his credentials in arranging interview and commentary opportunities to further educate and build credibility around the product.

Complimenting this, we implemented a targeted, education driven influencer strategy to drive demand across channels. Also tapping into key awareness days including National Stress Awareness Day and World Mental Health Day, we have effectively positioned Sensate front-of-mind among consumers, across channels.


prestigious store listing secured: Harrods, after the buying team saw a social post from one of PHA’s gifted influencers


pieces of media coverage secured in nine months

1.28 million

combined following of unpaid influencers engaged in that time

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