Increasing organic visibility and focusing on key territories

SEKO Logistics are an award-winning onmi-channel logistics provider with over 40 years’ experience in e-commerce design and logistics.

With logistics sites in every major eCommerce market spanning the entire globe, SEKO clients can implement a seamless operation across a multitude of channels and help reach new places. We have been working with SEKO Logistics since 2018 with the goal of increasing brand visibility and gain a bigger part of the market by driving and converting more traffic into qualified leads.

SEKO Logistics needed to Increase organic visibility and wanted to focus on key states and cities within the US around SEKO’s main hubs, namely, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Boston. Our final objective was to enhance data quality and integrity and ensure that only high-quality leads reach the sales team. Due to COVID reducing capacity but with demand high. Quality was far more important than quantity.

Our Paid Search team created a salesforce integration into Google Ads, creating new fields like ‘imported leads’ and ‘converted leads’ whilst non-marketing qualified leads were segmented further with new goal types to ensure we were not optimizing based on low-quality lead/conversion types. Before we had “Contact us” & “get a quote” whilst after we had “General Enquiry”, “New Business Enquiry” and “Get a quote.”

Furthermore, conversions that were excluded from PPC were “Shipping enquiry”, “Newsletter sign up”, “Case study view” and “Brochure download.” As team we held a review of sales leads with SEKO team, looking at which leads came from PPC and SEO, judging quality and matching them up with location reports in google ads.

We also worked closely with SEKO’s other agency partners including development, design and PR which created opportunities for ideation and creation of new PPC specific landing pages.

Overall we drove $68m worth of leads in 2020. This was underpinned by a 348% increase in organic visibility with market qualified leads improving 45% in 2020; and 78% in 2021 so far. The influence of optimising by qualified leads is beginning to have a positive impact of the qualification process, enabling the sales team to focus on winning quality leads, as opposed to stripping out poor quality ones.

Key Cities now make up a higher proportion of leads as we focus PPC budget in these locations. At a time where capacity was low, demand was high (post-Suez) and budget-saving essential, this was invaluable to SEKO’s sales team, not overwhelming them with low quality, but ensuring high-quality opportunities were not missed.


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