Generating higher quality organic leads in a competitive market

With over 30 years in business, Brighton-based stag and hen-do company Red7 was looking to regain the title of the UK’s number one business in this sector.  Furthermore, they wanted to generate higher-quality organic leads in what was becoming an increasingly competitive market.

We began by carrying out a thorough audit of Red7’s pre-existing content plan. This uncovered that it needed an overhaul of its current strategy to push them back into the spotlight.

Our approach involved exploring data from Red7’s Google Analytics, as well as conducting market analysis using insights tools. In addition, the team took time to understand the gaps in organic rankings that would allow them to uncover keywords that could be targeted as part of a more creative campaign.

To create a quality backlink profile to boost Red7’s rankings and generate valuable traffic, our insights team added tracking code to the website. This would help to see how users were behaving. In addition, our paid media team supported the organic strategy by implementing Google Click ID tracking to help understand the offline behaviour of Red7’s core customers. This data gathering allowed our team to build a new bespoke strategy that would drive the level of awareness needed.

Working together, our SEO and Digital PR teams created a brand-new campaign that involved a microsite dedicated to the first-ever stag and hen-specific emojis. This featured emojis of ‘L’ plates, beer goggles, and blow-up dolls. In addition, we introduced a mankini emoji as an additional link-building campaign.

Our team then continued to outreach to influencers and digital tabloids to ensure maximum impact. In addition, the Red7 team utilised the power of their social media following to drive leads. This campaign led to an incredible 1.3 million impressions and was seen by over 1 million unique users. There was also coverage in The Daily Mail, Digital Spy and the Independent and, as a result, combined OTS totalled 260 million.

This SEO-guided Digital PR campaign helped increase Red7’s leads by 70% whilst decreasing its CPA by 37% YOY. Top-level ROAS also rose from 12 to 30.



increase in leads


increase in organic traffic YOY


unique users to the site.

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