The Smarter Working Initiative: an award-winning campaign positioning PowWowNow as the champions of flexible working

PowWowNow came to us with a clear vision. They wanted to be established as ‘enablers’: a service that helped people work more efficiently and flexibly, wherever they are. So far so good. However, they had done little to promote their position on flexible working and were not aligned with the subject in either the minds of the public or the press. We needed to position PowWowNow as champions of the efficient work schedule and get their voice heard. Thus, we came up with “The Smarter Working Initiative” which would enable PowWowNow to own the subject of flexible working and issue a clear call to action to UK businesses to improve the way they operated.

Less than half of the UK workforce had a flexible working policy at the time, so the Smarter Working Initiative sought to challenge existing perceptions of flexible working and promote its benefits. We created an awareness day, poignantly placed on the first day of the school summer holidays, a time that would appeal to busy parents struggling to balance work and home life. The initiative was aimed at UK businesses, encouraging them to let their employees work flexibly or remotely for that one day – and see the benefits for the longer term. By arranging partnerships with leading co-working spaces, we ensured there were over 40 locations across the UK made available for workers on the day, as well as gym partnerships offering free access to members to hammer home the message of a positive work-life balance. Since launching the Smarter Working Initiative, it has run every year since and continues to grow.


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"Since working with The PHA Group, they’ve become an integral part of our business. With uplifts in media coverage, traffic and brand awareness, the team continue to secure quality opportunities and create award-winning campaigns like The Smarter Working Initiative. As our brand continues to evolve, PHA have been quick to adapt and grow with us, making us proud to have them be part of our journey."
Jason Downes
Managing Director
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