Establishing Perlego as the go-to application for remote learning and a friend of the publishing industry

Perlego is a monthly subscription service for professional and academic eBooks, providing access to over 200,000 books for the cost of a single book.

We were tasked with raising their profile within the publishing industry and announcing their latest funding round to help onboard more partners and grow the platform.

Perlego were also keen to have a full-time press office function in place to engage journalists and maintain their presence in the mainstream press, hoping to attract students in the lead-up to the new university term.

We broke our approach down into two main focuses – B2B and B2C.

We recognised it was important to profile the CEO and founder, Gauthier Van Malderen, using his impressive entrepreneurial story and experience to position him as a leader in EdTech across the business and national press.

To support this, we also focused on securing a range of expert commentary pieces in the trade press and mainstream media, covering key news topics that were crucial for publishers, including piracy, e-books and economic growth within the textbook industry.

"In a market often encumbered by words over action, The PHA Group were superb in delivering tangible results in terms of press coverage. They have a great team that fully understand how best to represent startups with nascent PR functions"
Matthew Jones
VP Content Acquisition and Strategy at Perlego
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