Positioning JD Women as the must visit destination for athleisure wear

JD Women needed to engage with their audience and to stand apart from both the JD Sports brand and their competitors. We knew that we needed to educate the media and public on JD Women’s offering so we launched a campaign to do just that. Our success depended on us building media relationships and amplifying influencer content to establish JD Women as a shopping destination in its own right.

To educate the press on JD Women’s unique offering we created a series of themed press events, a first for the brand. The events focused on their fitness and fashion offerings and created excitement amongst our media targets, resulting in key relationships being built between the fashion press and JD Women. The second part of our campaign was a dedicated influencer strategy to harness online voices to advocate for JD Women, amplifying content from brand ambassadors Rihanna, GiGi Hadid and Karlie Kloss. We created campaigns where influencers styled up the products on their social channels and placed celebrity ‘get-the-look’ features in target publications.

With 741 pieces of press and influencer coverage secured during the campaign, we well and truly out JD Women on the map. With over 230 attendees across two seasonal press days, this resulted in a real understanding of the brand amongst the fitness and fashion media. With ambassadors such as Ella Eyre and Vogue Williams creating engaging online content and coverage from outlets such as Stylist, Look and Grazia the campaign had a significant reach achieving the goal of creating an identity for the JD Women brand in its own right and cementing its place as a leading athleisure wear retailer.


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