Launching Paris-based dating app happn in the UK

happn had only 100,000 UK users, were rarely mentioned without reference to Tinder and were keen to set themselves apart in a competitive space. We knew that ‘finding love’ online was a hot topic: the dating app marketplace was on the rise and competition was fierce. We launched a campaign that saw their UK user base grow to over 2 million in three years.

Finding dates on your mobile was nothing new, but we knew happn had something special. With a team of data analysts in their arsenal, happn were perfectly placed to help Brits find a connection.

Whilst ‘data’ might not seem like the obvious answer to finding love, we used it to answer the questions on every unattached Brit’s lips – ‘What makes the perfect dating profile?’; ‘Where is the best place to meet the love of my life?’ – and created exciting media stories for mainstream print and online media.

Alongside offering insights from happn’s CEO, Didier Rappaport, to the national, business and tech press, we needed a distinct voice to provide dating tips to the consumer media. We suggested the appointment of a Head of Trends at Happn, who we positioned as a leading relationship expert for media commentary.

We secured 200 pieces of coverage including an exclusive in the Evening Standard on London’s top five most datable women.

We used Happn’s CEO and Head of Trends to spread the word (and the love): featuring their insights in The Sunday Times, The Independent, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, London Evening Standard, Metro, easyJet Traveller and Mail Online.

Regularly named as one of the top dating apps in the UK, 80% of all coverage was dedicated purely to happn – not a competitor mention in sight. Most importantly, they now have over two million British users, a far cry from the 100,000 they started with.


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