Unisex fashion brands challenging industry standards

In December 2020, Harry Styles was the first male to get a solo cover feature in Vogue, but that wasn’t what caught everyone’s attention. It was the fact he was wearing a Gucci dress.

It sparked a lot of discussion around gender-specific fashion and his attempt to break gender norms. And he’s not the only pop icon to have done this, last year Kid Cudi performed on SNL in a floral midi-dress, and Lil Nas X wore a skirt on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

The rise in popularity of unisex fashion doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon. It’s an industry that’s expected to reach $3.2bn by 2028, and this growth is fueled predominantly by Gen Z. A recent survey conducted by UNiDAYS revealed that 65% of Gen Z’s think their shopping experience would be improved if there was a ‘gender neutral’ search option online, and 67% believe there should be more equality and inclusion in fashion.

With this mind we look at five fashion brands defying gender norms.

Riley Studio

Founded in 2018 by Riley Uggla, Riley Studio is a gender-neutral fashion brand with sustainability at its core. Their decision to be gender-neutral is based on the fact it’s better for the planet by reducing waste and increasing the lifespan of the clothes.

The designs are made from waste and organic materials that are biodegradable. This means they’ve diverted 14,898 plastic bottle from landfill, saved 3,894 litres of oil and saved 6,381,823 litres of water. To ensure none of their own products go to waste, they offer a lifetime repair guarantee on everything.

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Madrid-based Neutrale specialises in high-quality wardrobe essentials inspired by the Mediterranean that are made to be worn again and again. Think premium hoodies, t-shirts and sweatshirts. All products are made locally in Spain and Portugal, with organic, natural and recyclable materials. By using organic cotton only, Neutrale reduces the consumption of water by 91% by eliminating the use of chemicals during the production process.

They’ve also recently opened Casa Neutrale, a cafe in Madrid that follows the same principles of the brand. They describe it as “a new coffee proposal inspired by the Mediterranean culture and the conscious consumption that was born in Madrid.”

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Goose & Gander

Goose & Gander was created in 2013 when founders Maz and Olly saw a gap in the market for unisex clothing. Their mission was to create clothing that was comfortable, stylish and affordable regardless of gender identity. All the clothing is designed, decorated and shipped in-house and in recyclable packaging from their UK based HQ.

To honour the LGBTQIA+ community they are donating 10% of net sales to The Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT) charity with profits made from a collection they dedicated to Pride.

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Pangaia was launched in 2018, with the inspiration for the name coming from Pan (meaning all inclusive) and Gaia (meaning mother earth). The brand touts itself as a material science company on a mission to save the environment.

Their signature product is a celebrity-loved matching tracksuit that can be bought in a variety of colours and is made from materials such as organic cotton, natural wildflowers, eucalyptus pulp and seaweed powder. Last year they also released a gender-neutral denim collection made from Himalayan nettles.

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GFW Clothing

GFW Clothing (which is a part of Gender Free World Ltd) was founded in 2015 to go against what they believed was a highly gendered world of retail. They wanted to create something for people who felt restricted by the choice of clothing on the high street and online.

Their shirts are designed to bridge the gap between traditional men’s and women’s shirts, and they come in four different body shapes and multiple sizes to fit the variations in our bodies.

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