The next generation of fit-tech brands

With sectors such as fit-tech growing year on year, it is no surprise that companies are now beginning to focus on creating innovative products to also reap the advantages of the modern market. Such is the potential that global tech giants Google are also beginning to pay attention, following their recently completed acquisition of fitness tracking company Fitbit for $2.1 billion. With that in mind, we look at some of the fit-tech companies that are making noise in the industry.


Based in Nottingham, Myzone has grown rapidly as one of the leading wearable fit-tech brands in the industry. Rather than measuring speed or fitness level, the unique product observes how hard the heart is working. The product has a 99.4% accuracy – matching the accuracy of an ECG heart rate monitor. This month, the new Myzone sports bra was launched to support the comfortability of athletes without sacrificing the key data during their workout.

Myzone can be used in social settings such as health and fitness clubs – which is their primary market. Alternatively, it can also be displayed on a TV monitor or using the Myzone app, therefore individuals taking part in group workouts or virtual classes can also benefit. With representation in over 6,000 facilities in 65 countries, the colossal potential of Myzone is one to keep an eye on.


Founded in 2016, Playmaker is a footwear sensor brand designed specifically for football athletes. The product detects foot movement and gathers data using artificial intelligence to present insights on athlete performance. The fit-tech brand notably has partnerships with newly-promoted premier league team Norwich City and was recently announced as the official associate partner of Scottish league champions Rangers FC, which undoubtedly displays the shift in attitude towards tech and its importance within sports.

Although relatively new, Playermaker has become a recognised name within professional football and has grown internally by 38% in the last two years alone. With UK football now returning to normality and the new season commencing, the growing market for brands such as Playermaker can achieve incredible success within the coming years.


Combining the world of gaming with fitness, Quell was founded by four co-founders to experience fitness through immersive gameplay. The wearable product features state of the art sensors which acknowledge movement in real-time, sending the data directly to the game which can be connected to either a PC or computer.

Quell has already surpassed $950,000 in pre-order sales, demonstrating the demand for the product and can provide a full-body workout to its users who found they burned more calories playing quell than if they were to go running, cycling or even a workout at the gym. After successfully raising a $3m seed round at the back end of 2020, Quell has the combination of financial power and innovative product to take the fitness market to the next level.

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