Tech innovation at MIPIM 2019

The property juggernaut event that is MIPIM took place in the French capital last week. Businesses and brands from multiple sectors attended hoping to reach a wider audience and enhance their global reputation, we’ve highlighted five technology companies that we think did just that.


Swedish based company VXFiber, are here to power the digital future. Their business revolves around maximising the most of FTTH (fibre to your home). Through investing, managing and operating FTTH open access networks globally, VX Fiber can now supply cities with ultra-fast broadband services to residents and businesses.

The software has already been a major success in countries such as Germany, South Africa and it’s native Sweden, and last year Stoke-on-Trent city council became the first local authority in the UK to sign up.

One of the beneficiaries of VXFiber is communication providers such as radio stations and telecoms who have seen an increase in customer satisfaction whilst they have been using VXFiber.


Meet the business on a mission to make Wi-Fi great. Wifinity have created innovative products such as the Smart Parks and GigaLiving that allow businesses to stay connected no matter what. So, whether you find yourself in a newly refurbished block of apartments or a swimming complex, Wifinity is ready to cater to your Wi-Fi needs.

They now successfully connect over two million people across a variety of sectors every year, with this number expected to increase in 2019.

2018 proved to be a successful year for the brand as it was ranked number 1 by MegaBuyte Emerging Stars Award and also won ISPA Best Internet Project Award.

Zumtobel Lighting UK

International leading manufacturer of integral lighting solutions. For over 60 years, Zumtobel has been on the cusp of innovation, creating energy-efficient products.

From emergency exit luminaires to bespoke modular light systems, Zumtobel is your go-to for lighting products in the UK. We’re expecting them to keep their competitors in the dark.


With offices in New York, London and Melbourne the world’s leading tenant engagement technology brand, are well on their way to changing the world one square foot at a time.

Equiem’s main function is to provide technology and services that help landlords and building managers unlock new value in their properties which can help to attract and retain tenants whilst increasing revenue.

The concept was built off the back of three core pillars which focus on a community portal allowing landlords to communicate with tenants, secondly a dedicated concierge system who offer the ultimate customer service, and finally, a service that delivers unique experiences, that keep your community engaged and coming back for more.

Last year, 88 Wood Street became the first Knight Frank managed building in London to begin working with the proptech company, a symbol of Equiem’s sustained growth in the UK.

Keep your eyes peeled for Equiem, 2019 could provide to be a very successful year.


Perhaps the most creative brand on the list, this London based visualisation studio produces revolutionary digital imagery for the construction industry.

From large scale master planning down to the small but complex interiors, M3fx have established a glowing reputation during their 21-year history through creating outstanding work.

Some of their past projects include creating digital content for Duck & Waffle in Haymarket and creating photomontages for the Sky Garden Terrace.

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