Seven transport tech businesses to check out

According to Our World In Data, the world population has risen from 6 billion in 1999 to just under 8 billion in 2019. The continuous population growth puts a considerable strain on how we travel daily, larger economies mean more vehicles on the road, more trains, planes, boats and vehicles. More importantly, we all get so frustrated at more traffic jams.

We’ve taken a look at seven businesses within the transport tech industry that are making commuting and travel that little bit easier for consumers.


Virtuo, is a mobile-only car rental service with 2,000 vehicles across Europe and the UK. British drivers can rent a Virtuo car from 12 locations in London, one in Manchester and one in Edinburgh, with further expansions planned in 2019. The service is also available in cities across Spain, France and Belgium.

The Virtuo app allows users to seamlessly register, book and unlock one of Virtuo’s brand new premium Mercedes A-Class or GLA vehicles. The service uses technology to take all the pain-points out of traditional car rental, allowing renters to use their phone to unlock the car, file a damage report, and track real-time fuel and mileage information, among a whole host of other features.

The app also scans the user’s driver’s license to carry out a DVLA check to ensure they can drive the vehicles.

Virtuo launched in London in the summer of 2018, and its recent launches in Manchester and Edinburgh followed a successful €20 Million Series B fundraise led by Balderton Capital earlier this year. Since launching, Virtuo’s 100,000 UK users have driven over one million miles in the UK.


Meet the UK-based startup that gives car buyers and car dealers the opportunity to connect in a smart and efficient way. Carwow is dedicated to bringing you the best offers from local and nation-wide dealers, with variables such as prices, location and dealer rating.

On average carwow is saving consumers almost £4,000 per vehicle compared to the recommended retail price of a car.  With £2 billion worth of cars bought through the platform and a 9.4/10 Trustpilot rating, you’d be foolish to not check out the site next time you’re looking for an upgrade!

Pod Point

There’s no hiding from it, cars are playing an increasingly important role in global warming. Petrol and diesel-fueled cars produce dangerous greenhouse gases, to help save the environment, alternative methods are going to have to be pursued.

Pod Point has been the UK’s leading provider of electric vehicle charging for the past decade, with electric producing zero emissions and portraying a green image, it should be considered a major option for the future of travel.

Currently, charging points are at locations such as Sainsbury’s and David Lloyd’s nationwide. Pod Point’s core values are that they believe travel shouldn’t damage the earth, so they’re actively helping people adopt clean transport in their everyday lives.


Founded in 2007, with the aim of answering any parking query at any time in the world. Parkopedia allows drivers to find the closest parking to their destination, whilst also telling them how much it will cost, and whether the space is currently available. Which means no more driving around aimlessly looking for a parking space.

The app which not only updates with real-time parking availability, it also allows consumers to reserve parking spots online. With over 70 million parking spaces across 89 countries, you can see that this transport tech business really does deserve its encyclopedia namesake!


There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in a traffic jam, the stress can become unbearable. This is what led to two friends, Sam and Barney to do something about it. They decided to build an algorithm that could understand when large groups of people wanted to travel. They created Zeelo a data-driven transportation service which offers convenient coach pickups for consumers and offer direct routes to your destination.  Watch this space, as we predict 2020 will be a big year for Zeelo!


Founded in 2016 by Anthony Chisnall, who had previously spent two decades working in logistics for small fleet operators and large international hauliers. DriverNet is fundamentally a smart sat-nav created specifically for delivery drivers. Some of the features include real-time tracking and alerts for clients via email or text, and an operational dashboard which includes integrated customer relationship management channels.


Combining friends and taxi, The UK’s number one carpooling scheme, ‘Faxi’ is certainly something to check out.  Users can find and connect with colleagues who share the same journey to work and who commute at similar times. The built-in app capability means that in a matter of minutes you can create your own carpooling community. The data suggests that nearly 50% of people would car share and yet millions of people travel every day with an empty seat next to them.

Faxi’s aims are to reduce congestion, pollution and save people money and time while providing a safe and efficient journey.

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