We will help to protect, repair or re-build your reputation. Whether you are already facing a crisis, trying to prevent a crisis or need to recover from a crisis - we will provide the support you need. Reputation has never been more important than in today’s fast-moving world. Our experts will devise and execute strategies to promote and enhance your reputation in the media and with your clients, customers or partners. We offer a full range of services, focusing on preparation, prevention and mitigation, as well as damage control. Your reputation is safe in our hands.

Crisis & reputation management

Our expertise in reputation management is unrivalled. We have worked with high-profile individuals, litigants, sovereign states, politicians, businesses of all sizes and from every sector. We have represented everyone from charities and sports clubs to governing bodies and trade associations.

We work across three distinct areas: risk mitigation, crisis management and internal communications.

Risk mitigation begins with training and planning; we research and analyse the risks to your organisation and ensure that you have a clear process in place to deal with a crisis. We train key individuals on how to respond and to handle the media. We help you create a positive narrative, identifying the messages you want to convey and teaching you how to communicate them succinctly and effectively.

Crisis management involves responding to journalists with our help, containing and managing the story through media relations. If you are being criticised or attacked on social media we will help you to protect your reputation. In the aftermath of a crisis, we will devise a fightback program to address negative Google search results through combined content creation, public relations and SEO strategies.

Internal communication helps to build brand reputation from within and communicate effectively with the most important stakeholders – your employees. We develop your vision and values, define your employer brand, and design initiatives to engage employees across departments and levels of seniority, including remote workers, to ensure that all feel included and valued. We also work with the C-suite management to ensure coherent, authoritative communication through town halls and internal memos, for example, and provide tailored plans to communicate key organisational change.

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