Strategy, messaging and positioning

When partnering with brands, our role encompasses more than just media relations. We provide our clients with strategic counsel regarding their messaging and positioning and are experts at developing integrated strategies that are designed to increase share of voice, amplify brand awareness, and connect with the target consumer. The ultimate aim is always to have a positive impact on revenue.


Developing a strong and effective PR strategy begins with an initial discovery phase. During this phase, we draw upon a range of tools and insights to understand more about your business, its position within the market, its target audience, as well as wider industry trends. This initial research period helps to inform the key messages, communication channels, and tactics that resonate with your target audiences and ultimately achieve your business objectives.

From there, we will work together to define the goals and objectives for the PR strategy. These goals should be measurable and aligned with overall business objectives. The end result is a high-impact and bespoke strategy that clearly communicates how you create value for customers and society across a range of channels.


Central to any effective PR strategy is the messaging. Effective messaging can help a company to build its reputation, differentiate itself from competitors, and connect with its stakeholders.

We offer key messaging workshops that help you to pinpoint, distil, and communicate key messages as an organisation. Doing so helps to establish consistency in communication across different channels and touchpoints, such as media interviews, social media, website content and marketing materials. These messages are captured in a framework that can be shared and used by everyone throughout the business.


Another strategic focus of ours is brand positioning, Our PR services are underpinned by brand positioning exercises to differentiate your brand from competitors in the market, find a niche for your organisation and communicate that in a consistent fashion to your target audience. When implemented correctly, brand positioning can be a powerful tool to improve brand image and customer loyalty, and ultimately increase revenue.

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