Research & Insights

A deep understanding of a target audience, their behaviour, and the way in which they engage with brands is essential for building a successful consumer PR campaign. Using research and insights provides the ‘why’ behind a strong PR strategy.

Using insights to effectively build a campaign

Our expert PR account teams work with multiple industry leading data tools to build a detailed picture of a clients’ target audience and what influences them, and how they operate.

Whether it’s to help inform a creative activation, select the right celebrities and influencers to engage with, or understanding what media feature angles are most likely to get people talking, this data centric approach sits at the heart of our consumer PR campaign planning. We ensure that all our recommended activities and tactics are rooted in real insight and designed to drive impact with the right people.

The competitor landscape

Having an acute understanding of a client’s broader industry landscape, who their key competitors are, and how they are tracking from a communications perspective is also a critical part of delivering an impactful consumer PR campaign. The tools used by our teams ensure we stay across the trends in our clients’ worlds, understand their USPs, and use this to build a PR strategy which will ensure they stand out from the crowd when speaking directly to consumers.

Creating the news agenda around consumer research

As well as using research and insights tools to inform PR strategy for our clients, we also regularly work with brands and organisations to commission new data and/or consumer polls which enable us to create the news agenda and build media coverage opportunities that speak directly to a brands target audience.

Working with trusted third-party polling companies, we develop consumer survey angles which create headlines and spark media conversation – focused on public opinion, attitudes or behavioral trends.

This type of consumer research can provide powerful media assets to be shared with top tier journalists and can also be repurposed for social media and internal comms.

Our consumer PR teams are also adept at working with clients to pull hard hitting media angles and potential headlines from existing in-house data too.

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