Social media defence

Whether you’re looking for reactive support during a social media crisis or proactive help to ensure you’re prepared, The PHA Group has leading social media specialists and a crisis team on hand to support with your social media defence.

Social media defence

A social media storm can blow up in seconds; judgements are formed immediately and can be hard to shift; the narrative can quickly spiral out of your control. Ensuring you are prepared, with a full social media defence plan in place before a crisis hits, will protect your reputation.

We will work with you to develop your crisis plan, focusing on your immediate priorities but planning ahead to anticipate how the crisis is likely to play out and the steps you need to take to regain control of the narrative.

If you need immediate social media defence on a reactive basis, we will work at speed to develop response strategies and mitigate any further damage to your brand.

Strategies include:

Identifying individuals who might be soliciting hate or harmful negative comments online.

Advising on legal remedies to deal with individuals defaming you or your brand.

Engaging with the mainstream media to manage the fallout from a social media storm.

Advising on a strategy for your owned channels, including dealing with critics and trolls.

In the 24/7 world of social media, your reputation is affected by what people are seeing and saying about you across multiple channels at any time.

We use social listening and monitoring tools to track online conversations, measure sentiment, and identify the most important voices with the biggest influence. Our data-led approach means we can execute rapid response strategies in a short-term social media crisis. It also underpins long-term strategies, tracking the sentiment around your brand and measuring the impact of our work in increasing your positive share of voice.

Your online reputation does not exist in a vacuum – you also need a positive content creation strategy, involving a wide range of digital assets, and which is part of a wider PR strategy. Our online reputation team will create an integrated campaign to achieve your objectives.

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