Crisis management insurance

A low-level monthly premium gives you guaranteed access to our crisis experts to advise on reputation issues as soon as they arise.

Crisis insurance

We will provide strategic counsel, helping you to anticipate and deal with issues before they escalate and become a full-blown reputational crisis.

With a crisis insurance policy in place, you can set up regular calls with our experts to keep them informed of significant issues coming down the track. Building that relationship means you have trusted advisors on hand when you need an external perspective and fresh insight.

If an issue attracts media attention, we will handle all aspects of media relations and provide full support: monitoring the impact; drafting media statements and managing interviews; and advising on a recovery strategy.

Your policy gives you access to our experts for an agreed number of hours per month. If you require support in any given month, beyond the core hours on your policy, we charge our time at a day rate, which is substantially discounted from our normal fees.

Examples of our work have included:

A long-standing relationship with a successful global retailer

Our client is based in the UK with a presence in multiple territories throughout Europe. We have worked with them for eight years, providing advice on a range of reputation issues and handling media relations when required. We have advised on issues such as: an unauthorised TV documentary featuring the business; litigation against a former employer who had stolen from the company; an employment tribunal brought by a disgruntled former employee, making false accusations against colleagues; and the Covid shutdowns and re-opening.

Advice to a high-net worth individual

Our client has enjoyed great success across several industries, but does not want a public profile or to seek media attention. We monitor the landscape, providing advice on issues that might land in the media and, if required, handle media relations on his behalf. We ensure his privacy is protected and his rights as a private individual are observed.
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