Written by • Published 30th September 2015 • 4 minute read

How to get your consumer tech brand noticed in the build up to Christmas

Christmas, it should be a relaxing time of year spent with loved ones, eating your own body weight in tasty treats and most importantly being away from the office.

The build-up and preparation for it, however, is more often than not, extremely stressful and none more so than for those involved in a tech consumer brand looking to capitalise on the Christmas rush.

It’s a hugely important time of year and to see your competitors flying off the shelves is something everyone wants to avoid and there are ways to ensure this doesn’t happen. In the Technology & Innovation department at The PHA Group we have looked after a number of companies looking to make a splash during Christmas. While it can undoubtedly lead to a few sleepless nights, get it right and it is hugely rewarding.

Here are our top tips for how you can help your tech brand stand out in Santa’s sleigh.

Xmas Present

Make sure your tech brand is the one that makes it under the tree

Yes, journalists who write for the national papers are excellent to have on board but don’t become blinded by this. Some of the most powerful influencers can be bloggers. Take the time to research who are the biggest influencers in your sector. For example, if you have a product such as our client Moochies Watches for Kids, then look deeply in to the parenting and mummy bloggers as they are both likely to be interested in what you have but also have large audiences of potential customers.

Free trials
‘Spend money to make money.’ It is a rather tiresome adage but it rings true for consumer tech companies with Christmas approaching. If you want people to write reviews about your product or service then you can’t expect them to do so based on how marvellous you say it is! Providing samples free of charge for journalists and bloggers are essential as it will give them the chance to properly trial the product and help to build a relationship as a result.

Gift guides
This must be a huge focus for any company wanting to be a hit over the Christmas period. Most publications will publish at least one as consumers up and down the country use them as gospel on what to buy Sam or Sally. Competition is always extremely fierce and a lot of journalists and bloggers constructing guides will have already started now so get in quick. Being prepared is essential as missing a deadline will not fly when there are so many products and brands to choose from. Do not underestimate the value of regional gift guides, many will have such a section and will have a huge effect on what local residents purchase.

Christmas shoppers often rely on gift guides to aid in their decisions

Christmas shoppers often rely on gift guides to aid in their decisions

Profiling business founder/owners
On a lot of occasions there is little to choose between the quality, price and aesthetics of a particular product but how do some blow their competitors out of the water? Mostly, it is through creating brand identity and character behind the company. Examples of businesses that have done this excellently in recent times are Innocent Drinks, who have a wholesome reputation and yet it is virtually unmentioned that they’re owned by Coca Cola. Powwownow are another; conference call service providers may not be the sexiest industry but through quirky, clever advertising and media work creating a fun and interesting brand, they are now at front and centre of people’s minds when needing that service. This can be done through interviews profiling the business owners or adding comment to relevant news stories. All helps build the story behind the company and can strongly endear a brand to the public which can manifest itself in to considerable profit.

Case studies
Case studies can be hugely emotive and powerful, especially leading up to Christmas, a period often associated with heart-warming stories. A positive case study which has the ability to inspire or entertain the public will no doubt help your brand become noticed and video footage of such is incredibly shareable across social media. If enough people share your content that resonates with them then they’re doing your work for you! Positioning your product or service as a very legitimate solution to problems through an example is a sure method to help you stand out from the competition.

It will always be bemoaned how early in the year shops and TV adverts being their Christmas countdown but if you are looking to secure media attention for your consumer tech brand then you have to be even more prepared. Christmas should be a fun and relaxing time of the year, put the hard yards in building up to the holidays and sit back and hopefully reap the rewards!