Innovators at London Blockchain Week

With the dust settling on London Blockchain Week, we take a closer look at some of the keynote speakers from the event that we enjoyed the most.

Piers Ridyard

Known for his serial entrepreneurship who initially made his mark in blockchain back in 2015 when he created insurance smart contracts that could operate without the need of a carrier. Ridyard went on to co-found Surematics, a decentralized data room that brokers could use to communicate and negotiate terms, share documents, and agree on deals. Speaking at London Blockchain Week this year, Piers is currently CEO of Radix.

A speedy, scalable alternative to blockchain who’s aims are to provide developers with the best tools to build and deploy a decentralized application, tokens and coins. A fast, simple limitless ledger.

Adi Ben-Ari

With over 20 years of enterprise and developer experience, as well as becoming a recent startup founder, it is no surprise that Adi is consistently invited to speak at major industry conferences.

Not only is he currently the Founder and CEO of Applied Blockchain (a group of technologists building blockchain solutions for enterprises), but he is also co-founder of Tallysticks (a company specialising in the negotiations and managing of imports and exports). Adi also acts as an advisor for several blockchain start-ups.

One of Adi’s biggest accomplishments to date is his invitation by the Government to represent his industry in the All-Party Parliamentary Group and House of Lords round table.

 Lisa Short

Lisa who is Australian based has an extensive and impressive list of accolades. She is a visionary, thought leader, and transformational strategist with years of experience in her field. Empowering women to advance in their industry by developing their business leadership qualities is one of her passions, as she has made a name for herself as someone constantly striving to make positive, sustainable changes.

Leading the victorious team in 2018 London Fintech Week Hackathon, founding numerous global initiatives, and becoming a regular international presenter and commentator are just some of Lisa’s stand out moments in her career to date.

 Guido Augusto Quaranta

Argentine Fintech entrepreneur Guido started his career in the banking world and hasn’t stopped evolving since. Founding and subsequently Investoland, which provides smart contract solutions for investments are two of his businesses to date. His companies have benefitted from his outstanding leadership and management skills and continue to make waves in the industry.

Tazz Gault

Starting her professional career as a lifestyle feature writer and most recently co-founding the first solution-led blockchain lab, StateZero Labs, Tazz’s possesses a hugely varied repertoire of expertise and experience.

She has spent the last seven years focussing on brand, strategy and marketing across law, finance, design and adtech sectors. As one of the founding members of three separate start-ups, Tazz is now a mentor to over 200, predominantly blockchain, other start-up companies, sharing her experience and advice with them, as well as speaking at numerous summits and conferences.

Tazz also recently attained the shortlist for Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 at the Women in IT Awards London, proving that she is undoubtedly one to watch this year.

 Helen Disney

One of Innovate Finance’s Women in Fintech Powerlist 2016 and ‘Blockchain guru’ Helen Disney is an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with. Having founded an impressive three companies so far, her most recent creation is Unblocked, an ingenious solution designed to bridge the gap between the technical world and business world, aiding people in their understanding of what Blockchain can offer their business.

Before immersing herself into the world of fintech, she founded an events and research network of over 12 organizations called The Stockholm Network. As a member of the Executive Committee of the British Blockchain Industry Association, she knows everything there is to know about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

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